Published on: 05/03/2013

Pensions Bulletin number 9 now available

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Published on: 01/03/2013

At their meeting in Perth 28/2/13 the SFRS Board approved both the Capital and Resource Budgets for year 2013/14. In Capital the DEL funding from Scottish Government is £15.3m, to which £2.64m of committed finance will be added, giving a total capital expenditure of £17.94m. Expenditure from this budget has been agreed for:£2.88m on new build property - Technical Rescue at Uaill and carbonaceous training in Tayside£1.2m on property refurbishment£4.452m on Property minor works£7.241m on fleetAlso included is £500,000 on PPE

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Published on: 25/02/2013

Over the last few months there has been a great deal of speculation over the shape of the new SFRS. Some of this uncertainty was natural, some of it was fuelled for various reasons, not all of which were construnctive. We have been saying for some time that the FBU will not deal in speculation, rumour or out of date, false or misleading information. The FBU have been working with the service leads and the SLT to develop a new structure that will balance out workload and take account of risk, call history, demographics, population and other factors.

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Published on: 05/03/2013

The FBU will be holding a rally and demonstration at the Scottish Parliament on 28 March. Details of travel arrangements will be listed on this site and through local officials. A good attendance is required as we press our campiagn for, Affordable, sustainable and fair pensions. Further details will follow. A pdf flyer is available for printing and placing on notice boards. The General Secretary is now confirmed as a speaker

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Published on: 19/02/2013

The Scottish Committee met on Friday (15/3/13) and were given an update on the current position around pensions. Our National Officer leading the campaign, Sean Starbuck addressed the meeting and advised that there had been some discussion around the Normal Pension Age Review (available from Related Content) but we were still waiting for a formal response from the UK Govt. We are anticipating the regulations increasing the member contribution rates being submitted to the various Parliaments.

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