Published on: 05/03/2016

FBU Scotland officials and our conference stand are in attendance today and tomorrow at the Green Party Conference in Edinburgh where our officials are speaking to Politicans and Party Members on issues in relation to the Fire Service in Scotland  

Published on: 04/03/2016


Published on: 01/03/2016

FBU Scotland officials will be attending a number of spring party conferences in Scotland over the coming weeks to engage and communicate with politicians on the run up to the Holyrood elections. The first conference being attended is this weekend which will see officials at the Green Party conference in Edinburgh followed by the SNP and Labour conferences where we intend debating the cuts to the Fire Service with the politicians and party members and we will also be highlighting the dangers should the cuts in funding continue over the coming years.

Published on: 24/02/2016

 Matt Wrack, FBU general secretary, appeared on Sky News this morning to discuss the developing tragedy at Didcot power station. You can view the clip via our YouTube page here.  

Published on: 18/02/2016

 Please see link to circular 2016/03