Published on: 13/03/2016

Ewan Williamson's mum speaks out on the support she has had from the FBU   "Despite everything that has happened, she would never discourage others from joining the fire and rescue service, only ask that they join the FBU. “If you’re not in the union and the worst happens, you’ll be on your own,” she cautions."

Published on: 13/03/2016

FBU Officials have spent the last two days at the SNP conference in Glasgow where they met with Ministers,MP's, MSP's,Councillors,Party Members and discussed many issues affecting firefighters and the fire service in Scotland. For all the latest updates log on to Facebook or Twitter (links on homepage)

Published on: 12/03/2016

FBU Scotland Officials Attend SNP Conference FBU Scotland officials and our conference stand will be in attendance today and tomorrow at the SNP Conference in Glasgow Officials will be making the case on reduced funding and fire service cuts to Ministers,MP's, MSP's, Councillors and party members. Updates can be followed on Facebook and Twitter (links on our home page)

Published on: 10/03/2016

FBU Comment - Balmoral Bar – Lessons Identified Report