Published on: 03/06/2014

Union Calls for political commitments after the plaudits for Glasgow School of Art

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Published on: 22/05/2014

Clarification on status of SFRS GIN's

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Published on: 25/02/2014

Joint communication on behalf of The SFRS and FBU - SFRS Resource Working Group, February 2014

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Published on: 13/05/2013

A number of areas of service development are now progressing in detail. Work has started to look at the practical application of a new Flexi Duty Managers rota and how that can be worked accross the Strategic Mobilising Locations. FBU officer reps are working on the details. Also under consideration is the disposition, type and use of specialist vehicles, including high reach appliances. The FBU have a small work group forming to consider this topic and the lead official will be working closely with the service. 

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Published on: 30/03/2013

To keep members as up to date as possible, the latest LSO Resource document is now available (Resources). As with the previous versions this document is a working draft and is liable to alter. This versions shows;Response & Resilience - minor amendments and updatedPrevention & Protection - current state of development. Still under discussion and negotiation. This is progressing.POD - for illustration. No detailed discussion or negotiation. 

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