Published on: 16/09/2013

All Members Region 1 Scotland   15th September 2013 Dear Brother/Sister,  Proposal on pensions from the Scottish Government I am sending this circular as I believe that the members in Scotland are entitled to see the proposals that we have received from the Government.   Emergency resolution 3 carried at this year’s conference stated:

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Published on: 13/09/2013

Latest developments on the FBU pensions campaign All members circular available Officials are meeting with Scot Govt and SFRS Friday afternoon 13th. Further information will be circulated ASAP  

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Published on: 23/07/2013

An all-members update is available covering a range of topics. This has been circulated but is also available online via the Resource section and Related Content.

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Published on: 23/07/2013

During the current pensions campaign the FBU is encouraging members to contact their MP's. Of course here in Scotland, much of the relevant work is undertaken by the Scottish Parliamnet. We would therefore encourage members to also contact their MSP's - and please do bear in mind that you each have 1 constituency MSP plus several List MSP's. Their contact details are available here

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Published on: 30/04/2013

Over the last couple of weeks the FBU has been focused on the issues around pensions and has taken the opportunity to raise our concerns politically over two weekends at both the SNP and Labour Party spring conferences. These events allow more time to speak with politicians than is normally available and gives us the chance to explain the subject in more detail.  

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