Published on: 21/02/2014

Information for members outlining the internal restructure of the FBU.

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Published on: 10/01/2014

FBU Scottish Region: Pensions Update and Briefing note

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Published on: 18/12/2013

Update on Negotiations and SFRS Budget Reductions

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Published on: 04/11/2013

A members newsletter is now available from the Resources section and from this link

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Published on: 17/01/2013

Further clarification on the development of structures. Some initial work has been done and has lead to a high level discussion document that outlines some options. This was not and was never intended to be a proposed structure. The FBU has deliberately not circulated this as;1 - it was likely to be misleading - effectively this would be like saying "here is a document that is not a draft structure that will not be the final structure." 2 - ongoing work has rapidly superceded this document.

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