Published on: 23/07/2013

During the current pensions campaign the FBU is encouraging members to contact their MP's. Of course here in Scotland, much of the relevant work is undertaken by the Scottish Parliamnet. We would therefore encourage members to also contact their MSP's - and please do bear in mind that you each have 1 constituency MSP plus several List MSP's. Their contact details are available here

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Published on: 03/05/2013

In what has been another exceptionally busy week for FBU officials, further progress has been made on a number of reform topics.  A range of topics relating to FBU officer members was discussed early in week, with very positive engagement taking place. We are now putting final details to a joint statement on that work and it will be circulated early next week. FBU Officer reps have been given an outline of the discussions already and will begin the engagement with members.

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Published on: 30/04/2013

Over the last couple of weeks the FBU has been focused on the issues around pensions and has taken the opportunity to raise our concerns politically over two weekends at both the SNP and Labour Party spring conferences. These events allow more time to speak with politicians than is normally available and gives us the chance to explain the subject in more detail.  

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Published on: 30/03/2013

Firefighters assembled from all parts of Scotland to show the strength of feeling regarding the proposed changes to their pension schemes. We estimate that over 350 FBU members attended and over 170 Scottish Police Federation members, who are facing changes to what is a similar scheme to our own, joined them. This was a very impressive show by members and something that politicians cannot ignore.

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Published on: 27/03/2013

The Scottish Firefighters Pensions Forum met Tuesday 26th in Edinburgh. The first business was unfortunately to confirm that the UK Government have put in place the year 2 members contribution increase. This was particularly disappointing after the work that was gone into regarding the potential level of opt-outs. The Scottish Government confirmed that in line with the correspondence (available in Resources) between Cabinet Secretary for Finance, John Swinney and Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, they will be be making an identical increase.  

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