Published on: 24/06/2013

Following a Scottish Officer's sectional meeting held in Perth on June 18th, Officials were unable at this time to form a collective position on a new FDS designed for the SFRS.   However, in the interim and while elected and appointed officials take their allocated annual leave, a formal response has been submitted to ACO Goodhew.  

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Published on: 12/06/2013

Work continues on a number of topics; Officers Rota - currently under consultation through local Officers Sections. Officer Section Reps will meet at FBU Scottish Offices on 18th to consider the feedback and to take forward the views of members. Fitness Standard - an interim arrangement is being considered in order to bring together the 8 previous arrangements.  Specialist Appliances - a number of workgroups are currently looking at the disposition and use of specialist vehicles. FBU reps are working within each of these groups. 

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Published on: 13/05/2013

A number of areas of service development are now progressing in detail. Work has started to look at the practical application of a new Flexi Duty Managers rota and how that can be worked accross the Strategic Mobilising Locations. FBU officer reps are working on the details. Also under consideration is the disposition, type and use of specialist vehicles, including high reach appliances. The FBU have a small work group forming to consider this topic and the lead official will be working closely with the service. 

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Published on: 08/05/2013

As refered to in previous updates a joint communication has been circulated on; SFRS Incident Command Structure Flexible Duty Managers Duty System and Strategic Mobilising Locations The statement is available via the SFRS intranet and FBU officials   Further work is underway on the detail of of these topics. Further updates will be given as soon as possible.

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Published on: 30/04/2013

Over the last couple of weeks the FBU has been focused on the issues around pensions and has taken the opportunity to raise our concerns politically over two weekends at both the SNP and Labour Party spring conferences. These events allow more time to speak with politicians than is normally available and gives us the chance to explain the subject in more detail.  

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