On 7th March an incident occurred during a training event which resulted in our member sustaining  a high pressure oil injection injury. Since that time your Union has been working with the Service to identify both the cause of the injury and control measures required to prevent reoccurrence.

All of the equipment involved has been with the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) for independent testing since the week beginning 24th March. On Thursday 15th May HSL informed the Service that following a nitrogen bubble test 3 potential sites were identified in a length of extension hose, any of which may have been responsible for causing the injury.

We will be meeting with the Service early next week to further discuss the implications and the actions planned to ensure that additional control measures and a robust testing regime are put in place to ensure that the risk of this type of injury reoccurring is, so far as is reasonably practicable,  eradicated.


Please ensure that all members are made aware of the Service

Response and Resilience Directorate

Hydraulic Rescue Equipment – Update 16.05.2014

If you have any concerns or questions then please e mail;


John Duffy FBU Scottish Regional Secretary at john.duffy@fbu.org.uk and or

David Bennett the FBU Scottish Health and Safety co coordinator at david.bennett@fbu.org.uk