Latest 11/1/13

A series of meetings have taken place in the week since our return from the New Year.

Some initial discussions have now taken place on the standardisation of local allowances and things such as CPD and ARA's which are paid at differing levels across Scotland. These are early discussions on some initial headings and there are currently no proposals on these topics. Much of the discussion has centred on how this work will contunue and how it will be progressed over the coming months. All members will transfer to the SFRS with their current arrangements in place. Any developments from this will be circulated through local officials and branches for consultation with all members.

Meetings have taken place to discuss Response & Resilience matters. Three broad heading are Control Rooms, RDS and Service Delivery. It has been agreed to establish a Senior User Group of the R&R Director, SLT members and FBU Regional Officials. From this specific working groups will look at a number of areas in detail. The structure and organisation of officers is one such specific area and the FBU Officer Rep, Frank Clayton will lead for the FBU on this topic. Again there are no fixed proposals and these early discussions are being worked through collectively which is very positive.

A meeting has taken place to discuss Strategic Planning and what will replace IRMP as we knew it. This will also tie in the consideration of Service Delivery and such areas as the development of specialist rescue. Again any developments will be reported.

There are a number of areas of outline agreement between the new Senior Leadership Team and the FBU but currently the Chief Fire Officer does not have the authority to fomalise arrangments. This is likely to happen later this month and we anticipate being able to circulate more specific information following that.

For clarification - other organisations are circulatuing documents as agreements. This is not correct. There are no specific agreements for control rooms, officer numbers or disposition; or overall service structure. These are old documents and are not valid. When agreement is reached or requires further consultation the FBU will circulate the correct, appropriate documents to members.