This week has been relatively quiet in terms of Scottish work. Most FBU officials were at bi-annual conference, details of which - including pensions - can be found at the FBU – UK site


One interesting development was the release in England of the Sir Ken Knight review of the FRS, which did little more than highlight the stark differences north and south of the border. The review latched on to the fact that the efforts of firefighters have resulted in a reduction of fires by around 40%, it then makes the simplistic leap of faith that this should result in a reduction in numbers of firefighters. This misses the entire point of risk based fire cover. A different mind-set exists here with the SFRS looking at expansion of rescue capabilities, the protection of the front-line and the enhancement of community safety. The SFRS Framework states, “… the SFRS should actively develop a leading role as a champion of specialist rescue.” This of course will lead to complex and potentially difficult decisions being required, but the desire to protect our members and their jobs is something that all of those involved are aligned to. For a true comparison of the different approach being taken, members should read the Knight report and the Scottish FRS Framework. See resources.


Last week also saw the introduction of our mobile web-site, which should allow easier access to the FBU Scotland website when using a mobile phone. We hope members find that useful.