The Scottish Fire & Rescue Service is just a few days old but it has proven to be something of a baptism of fire - quite literally in some cases. Large areas of Highland Scotland were ablaze, there have been numerous other fire incidents and rescues of various kinds. The positive from this is that the new service coped with this and operated as everyone expected. As the service settles into the new routine a large body of work remains to bring together the previous 8 policies and practices. The FBU has met with members of the Strategic Leadership Team to discuss a wide range of topics that are currently being worked on, these include;

The draft service structure, which is still developing; the matching and transfer policy to allow the structure to be populated throughout the coming months, Fire Investigation arrangements, Pay protection, standardisation of policies and proceures, plus service development topics in Response & Resilience, Protections & Prevention and POD.

On top of this work continues on the pensions campaign.

There is a large amount of work progressing currently, but most has not been developed to the point where agreement has been sought. members will be informed as this progresses, in the meantime stay up to date by attending local branch meetings.

Internally the Scottish Committee has agreed an interim structure to reflect the change to a single service. A working paper will be taken to the June EC for consideration. Details will be circulated for members information.