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Due to the restructure from 8 services to one single service the existing FBU rules that cover the internal structure and member representation within the FBU in Scotland require amendments to reflect the new arrangements.  The interim arrangements that have been approved by the EC and shall also ultimately require endorsement by FBU National Conference.

Extensive discussions with all relevant committees of the FBU have taken place to secure agreement on the interim arrangements and it has now been agreed to adopt the structure outlined below to ensure the democratic representation of the membership. The new structure was created based on the following key principles:

• Every member must continue to have access to trained FBU reps and officials

• Any revised structure must either;

• comply with the current rule book, or

• be adopted into the rule book by Conference

• The structure should reflect the balance of numbers and location of members

• The democratic underpinning should be maintained

• The size of the FBU structure should be similar in total to the current

Previously each of the 8 Brigades had a Brigade Secretary and a Brigade Chair providing a total of 16 elected officials, in addition there are also 4 elected Regional Officials.

The 8 Brigade structure is to be replaced with 7 District Structure  each with a Secretary and Chair, providing a total of 14 elected officials as well as  the additional 4 dual Regional/Brigade Officials.

The new territories can be seen here, each Branch (Station/workplace) will be entitled to make a nomination for any member who works in the outlined territory for any Union position, with the exception of those outlined in the Union’s Rules.

In effect shortly you will be asked to make a nomination for both the Secretary and Chair who will take on the role formerly undertaken by your Brigade Officials.

The timetable for these nomination and elections are covered here 

The General Secretary in his circular 2014HOC0099MW outlined the basic principles, these are: 

The development of the new structures will be kept under review by the Executive Council. The new structures of the union in Scotland will include:

 Branch Level

  • Branches will remain as workplace branches in accordance with the union rules.

District Level

  • The creation of seven new District Committees; three in the West Area; two in the North Area; and two in the East Area.
  • The new District Committees shall include representatives of all Branches within the geographical area identified.
  • The District Committee boundaries shall, as far as possible, reflect and take account of the boundaries of the areas covered by Local Senior Officers. These take account of Local Authority boundaries and allow members to clearly identify where a particular Branch should sit within the new structure.
  • The District Committee boundaries should, as far as possible, ensure a balance of numbers of members between Districts. This is to ensure maximum democracy within the new structure.
  • The members within each District shall elect (by ballot) a District Secretary and Chair.
  • The District Secretary and Chair (14 in total) shall attend as delegates to the Scottish Regional\Brigade Committee, with full voting rights.
  • The boundaries of the Districts are currently under consideration by the Scottish Regional\Brigade Committee. Current District List

Regional\Brigade Committee

  • The voting members of the Scottish Regional/Brigade Committee will be:

o              Regional\Brigade Officials ( x4)

o              District delegates (x14)

o              Officers’ representative (x1)

o              RDS members representative (x1)

o              Control members representative (x1)


  • In addition there will be various other officials appointed  in an advisory role as required by the FBU rule book.

Area Level

Within each Area (North, East, West) FBU officials from the Districts shall meet and appoint one of themselves to provide a liaison for management at that level (provisionally called a Joint Secretary).

The Joint Secretary shall have the role of:

  • Raising business with management at Area level as appropriate.
    • Providing a contact point for management at area level.
    • Reporting any such business to the other District officials within the Area.
    • Reporting any such business to the Regional Secretary as appropriate.
    • Ensuring any matter of an All Scotland nature is referred to the Regional\Brigade Secretary as appropriate.

The Joint Secretary shall not have any policy or representational role within the FBU except as set out above. They shall not be, for example, an “Area Official” of the union. Their union role will remain as District Secretary or Chair and their status shall be equal to any other District Secretary of Chair.

Brigade Organisers

  • There shall be three Brigade Organisers for Scotland whose role shall be recruiting and organising members in accordance with the Rule Book.
  • These shall be appointed by the Scottish Regional\Brigade Committee once the new structure is fully in place. 

Other areas for consideration

The Regional\Brigade Committee and the Executive Council will also need to consider other areas of organisation such as our equality structures, Health and Safety, Education and Fairness at Work; these issues will be considered as the new structures are developed.

How do I raise an issue I have over an employment matter?

This would be on the same basis as before; you would raise your issue with your Local Branch Representatives or District Official (formally your Brigade Official). See People

A full list of workplace branches is currently being developed and a direct link to your nearest rep or specialist official will shortly be available on this site.

Who votes on behalf of my District and how do I ensure they are representing the member’s views?

Issues would be discussed by elected branch delegates in the first instance at your local District committee level and where appropriate their collective view would then mandate the District Officials voting position, each District will be entitled to 2 votes on the Regional\Brigade Committee. You’re elected District Secretary and District Chair vote on behalf of the members in your area. Draft Standing Orders for District Committees, are available

A map of the Local Authority areas and the election territories is available here.

As part of our ongoing training and education for FBU representatives we have developed an FBU wide programme for officials which can also be accessed by members who are willing to consider taking on a branch role to represent members.  The programme can be found here

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