At their meeting in Perth 28/2/13 the SFRS Board approved both the Capital and Resource Budgets for year 2013/14.

In Capital the DEL funding from Scottish Government is £15.3m, to which £2.64m of committed finance will be added, giving a total capital expenditure of £17.94m.

Expenditure from this budget has been agreed for:
£2.88m on new build property - Technical Rescue at Uaill and carbonaceous training in Tayside
£1.2m on property refurbishment
£4.452m on Property minor works
£7.241m on fleet
Also included is £500,000 on PPE

The Resource Budget DEL is set at £277.238m. This includes £10m from Scottish Resilience to fund the SFSC, Firelink and fire safety publicity. This represents an actual reduction from over £290m in 2012/13.

Of the total £216.952m is allocated to employee costs.

The budget anticipates that the savings will be delivered with no reduction in service delivery to the public and maintains the no compulsory redundancy element.

In other business the Board approved the Directorate Structures. This includes the SLT structure, the Directorates and the Service Delivery Areas. Detailed proposals on the Response & Resileince structure are shown here. The Prevention & Protection structure is being developed and will follow shortly.