Scottish Regional Executive Statement


Progressing the Trade Dispute


Members will be aware of the outcome of the consultative ballot, although this confirms the democratic decision of our members not to take strike action at this time.


It is important to note that our trade dispute on pensions remains live.


The Scottish Regional Executive at its meeting of the 11th October 2013 adopted the following statement as a consequence of the “yes” vote which was returned in the consultative ballot.


Supporting Strike Action


The Scottish Regional Executive notes the outcome of the consultative ballot in Region 1. It confirms that strike action in Scotland shall not be called for at this time in pursuit of the resolution of our trade dispute over proposed changes to our pension schemes.


Further strike action has been called in England and Wales. Therefore the Scottish Regional Executive urges all FBU members in Region 1 to consider donating a minimum of one hour’s net pay for every period  of strike action taken by our brothers and sisters in England and Wales to Brigade FBU Hardship funds in England and Wales.


We call upon Scottish FBU Brigade Committees and FBU branches to discuss resolutions calling for this as well.



Details of the assumed net rate and of hardship funds will be circulated in due course.


The Scottish Regional Executive also urges all FBU Branches to consider twinning arrangements with an FBU branch or watch in England and Wales throughout the dispute and for FBU Brigade Committees in Scotland to organise solidarity visits to England and Wales on days of any strike action.


The Scottish Regional Executive further requests all FBU Brigade Committees and FBU branches organise meetings and consider all other options for progressing the Trade Dispute on pensions in Region 1. This should include the organised lobbying of MP’s and MSP’s and in particular discussions to consider a Ballot for Industrial, this may include emergency calls only response in Scotland on any strike days in England and Wales and also a ban on working prearranged overtime. All members in Region 1 are urged to attend branch meetings to consider and vote on these matters where appropriate and also to endorse the above statement.



Scottish Regional Executive