Scottish Committee - Control Rooms

The FBU Scottish Committee notes the decision by the SFRS Board to approve a Strategic Intent document at their meeting on 26 September in Aberdeen. This Committee is appalled that as a consequence 5 Fire Control Rooms (which the FBU believe are an integral part of the front-line service) will now close.

This Committee strongly condemns senior management’s lack of consultation and negotiation on this issue and calls on them to bring forward their detailed proposals for the future of control rooms in Scotland as a basis for talks with the FBU.

The Committee also strongly disagrees with the Chief Fire Officer’s view passed at that Board meeting that local knowledge within a control room is neither vital nor needed.

The Committee agreed to support our control room members in Scotland and instructs the Region 1 Secretary, following consultation with our control members to write to the General Secretary to seek Head Office support in a campaign to keep as many control rooms open as possible.

An urgent meeting of control room sub-committee has been arranged and will take place on Thursday 3rd October.