The SFRS will be including information relating to the RDS Modified Scheme in their next News bulletin which comes out on 30 July. We have agreed to additionally circulate the text below through the FBU channels.  It’s a reminder that the forms should be returned as soon as possible and to give the final deadline for receipt of the forms.  See below the detail of the text.

The Retained Firefighters’ Pension Settlement

The initial phase of the exercise to get Pension Option Forms out to all eligible members has now been completed.  Within the covering letters it was stated that they must be returned within one month of receipt.  For many that month has now passed.  Due to the very tight deadlines we have to administer to this project, please take this as a final reminder to return your form if you haven’t already done so. Forms received after 15 August 2014 will not be accepted and this will remove you from the process.