All Members



2nd September 2013


You may have seen the FBU press release that was sent out last Thursday, 29th August; the text included the following: The FBU has today received some proposals from the Scottish Government which require further clarification and consideration. The union has not yet set strike dates and will seek further dialogue with the relevant government ministers and fire service employers in an attempt to resolve the dispute.

 An All Members issued on Friday states: We have agreed that we should contact the relevant Ministers in each part of the UK as well as fire and rescue service employers (both individually and through the National Joint Council) in order to seek urgent resolution to the issues we have identified. If the positive comments from employers and government are genuine then there should be no obstacle to our concerns being addressed.

We have already begun to make direct contact with relevant Ministers and we are in the process of setting up meetings to discuss whether a way forward can be found. It is important that all such avenues should be explored.

The EC are meeting on Thursday, 5th September and will be discussing the proposal from the Scottish Government and the clarifications we have requested and are expecting to be available by then.

Members will be kept fully informed in due course.

Roddy Robertson

EC Member