To:  All Members  

Date:   16 June 2016  

Dear Brother/Sister   


Pay 2016 – Consultation 


As reported in circular 2016HOC0277MW (3 June), at the last meeting of the National Joint Council on 2 June, the Employers made an offer on pay of a 1% increase for 2016. The Executive Council considered this issue at its last meeting (7-9 June). 


The Executive Council agreed to consult members through the union’s branch and committee structure and to consider the outcome at a further meeting on 13 July. This means that branches should consider the issue and report to brigade committees. 


In relation to pay the Executive Council considered the following factors: 


  • The pay of FBU members has suffered considerably, especially since the pay freezes and limits imposed since the general election of 2010 and continued after the 2015 election.


  • These pay policies have affected FBU members and all workers in public services. This requires a wider response from all unions.


  • During the same period, our service has suffered the worst cuts to funding in its history, resulting in jobs losses and cuts to the level of service to the public.


  • FBU Conference has also debated a longer discussion with our Employers about the work the service undertakes and which might be undertaken in the future.


  • This process is long and difficult. It includes the current trials around emergency medical response and other matters which have recently been extended as reported in circular 2016HOC0296MW on 10 June. 


  • The potential longer-term settlement of our pay concerns relates to these discussions. As part of this process the union is working with the Employers to commission an independent report on the findings of these trials.


  • It is understood by both sides that this process would involve making a case to government for funding. For the FBU this would be about protecting the service and jobs and about pay.


  • This process, of producing an independent report, will not be concluded until later this year.


  • FBU Conference also identified that in the event of these discussions being unsuccessful, the union would need to consult members with a view to building a campaign for industrial action. 


On the basis of considering these factors, the Executive Council concluded that members should be recommended to accept the current offer, despite the fact that it does not address the real concerns of the union in relation to the pay of our members.  


The discussions with our Employers and the related trials are part of a difficult process. We have no guarantees that they will succeed in the context of the worst cuts to public services in living memory. Our Conference has debated this difficult issue over the past two years. Further reports will be issued after 13 July and as the discussions with our Employers develop.  


Best wishes. 


Yours fraternally 


Matt Wrack


General Secretary








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