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11th March 2015



Monthly Pay


Members will be aware the issue of harmonising pay frequencies has

been under discussion for over a year. The SFRS wish to introduce new

pay frequency arrangements for all employees in order to achieve

necessary savings from their declining budget.


It became apparent during the talks that maintaining everyone on their

existing pay arrangements was unsustainable. If the SFRS did not

harmonise existing pay frequencies, inherited from the eight legacy

Services (around 20), they would then have to look elsewhere to find

savings, due to the year on year reduction in their budget.


The SFRS believe that the greatest savings could be achieved if that single

pay frequency was monthly to be paid on the second last day of every

month in arrears.Initially, no formal agreement could be reached on the introduction ofmonthly pay, as the FBU believed the proposal on offer fell short of what was acceptable to our members.


Original Offer

A Salary Advanced Payment of 5 times your net pay (averaged over a 12

week period) with no flexibility and a repayment period of a maximum

18 months.


Revised Offer

The FBU continued talks with both the Service and the Scottish

Government which resulted in a revised offer on flexibility on how much

of a Salary Advance Payment could be taken (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 times your

net pay) and the repayment period extended to 24 months for all

members and 36 months for those who believed this would result in

financial hardship.


The FBU called an Emergency Regional Committee Meeting on Tuesday

10th March to discuss the revised offer made by the SFRS.

Delegates from all districts across Scotland attended the meeting and

after much debate it was felt that the revised offer fell short of what

could be acceptable to our members and therefore could not be

accepted by the FBU.


The Regional Committee strongly believed the offer of a repayment

period of 36 months should be extended to all employees with a 48

month period offered to any employee who ticks a box stating the level

of repayment would cause them financial hardship.


Further detailed negotiations then took place and we are pleased to

inform members that our position was accepted by the Service and on

that basis the Scottish Regional Committee found the revised offer



Accepted Offer

The accepted offer means that if a member decides to take the Salary

Advanced Payment then this can now be 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 times your net

weekly pay.


You decide how much you need to take.

The repayment period for the SAP is now a maximum of 36 months for

all employees and 48 months for those who believe they will suffer

financial hardship.


The SAP payment will not be subject to any Income Tax, National

Insurance or Pensionable Deductions and this has been validated with

HMRC. The Service will now relay this information to its employees to make sure those in the former Strathclyde who have already returned SAP forms can take advantage of the new offer.


The FBU believe that the final negotiated settlement is a significant

improvement on the original offer, which has been achieved by our

determination to get our members the best possible outcome and we

will continue to do this as issues arise in the future.

Members will be kept updated of developments and officials will be

available to discuss any issues you may have.







Scottish Regional Committee