The General Secretary, Matt Wrack has today given notice of further strike action in England and Wales on the 13th Nov from 10am until 2pm.

You may know that the Scottish Regional Executive recently asked all branches to consider endorsing a resolution asking our branches to consider financial support for any periods of strike action our brothers and sisters in England and Wales are called upon to carry out and to twin with a relevant branch. This statement can be accessed by following the link; 

We would also urge any branch that has not yet done so to progress this resolution as a matter of urgency. We also suggest that that we focus our attention on our neighbouring regions (3 North Eastern, 4 Yorkshire and Humberside & 5 North Western) and where possible that you organise a delegation from your branch to visit the picket line on strike days to donate any funds raised by your branch. We, together with officials from the formerly named brigades of Fife, Strathclyde and L&B are doing this currently and our support and attendance, on your behalf, has been greatly appreciated by our comrades in Cumbria and Northumberland.

Members may also know that the General Secretary and the EC have sanctioned a second ballot for industrial action short of strike which will include balloting members in Scotland and Controls to allow members to continue to support the current pensions campaign as well as providing another option for our comrades in England and Wales.

At annual conference this year Emergency Resolution 3 Pensions was passed and this confirmed that:

in order to ensure consistency and continuity, all negotiations will be led by the General Secretary and shall be reported at each stage to the Executive Council. This includes any discussion within any part of the UK.

We would  urge all members in Region 1 to support our General Secretary and National Executive in their call for further industrial action in pursuit of the just demands in our pensions trade dispute and to return your ballot papers accordingly, supporting the next steps in our campaign.

Yours In Unity

Region 1 Executive