Dear Brother/Sister, 





On 9th February 2016, Head Office issued circular 2016HOC0098SS which outlined a personal fitness qualification that the FBU is offering to FRAs in England.  


This qualification delivers:


  • NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training.

  • NCFE Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Personal Training.

  • NCFE Level 3 Award in Employment Awareness in Active Leisure and Learning.

  • NCFE Functional Skills Qualification in English and Maths at level 2. 


We can confirm that a level 2 qualification in personal training is not a pre-requisite for this qualification.



Any FRA that wished to express an interest in this qualification, which has no cost to the individual or the FRA, was asked to contact by 26th February 2016.  


To date several FRAs have expressed an interest, and further information is being prepared to take this forward. This information will be available shortly. 


If you have not yet spoken about this with your FRA, please arrange to do so.  


When you do, it is worth outlining the benefits to the FRA which include:


  • A chance to give their staff a greater understanding of anatomy and physiology. Specifically, in relation to the physical demands in the Fire and Rescue Service.

  • Accredited Personal Trainers in workplaces throughout F&RS with the ability to plan exercise and training specifically around Fire Service equipment and physical activity:


  • Thereby having the option of having instant referrals and access for F&RS’s to qualified personal trainers.

  • Plus a greater opportunity for firefighters returning to work under qualified supervision.

  • Promoting a good base of fitness and strength for returning employees. 


  • In line with the ‘Williams review’ and best practice guidance, F&RS’s will be actively engaging, supporting and training employees in understanding and planning for their fire service careers.

  • National delivery of qualifications by qualified tutors and assessors that sits within the Government’s apprenticeship framework.

  • A chance to pilot for future apprenticeship opportunities and provision of data for the upcoming Apprenticeship levy.

  • With no financial outlay to F&RS’s, and a partnership approach with the FBU ULF, there are also obvious benefits for employees including:


  • A fully funded qualification, and to gain the satisfaction in achieving an ‘A’ Level grade qualification.

  • A Personal Training Level 3 qualification and a Maths and English Level 2 qualification.

  • A range of support to help achieve qualifications.

  • The ability to relate to the physical demands in the Fire Service and the chance to support and assist firefighters in need of help by practically assisting and encouraging injured and ill firefighters to get back to work in partnership with their local employer.

  • To gain the knowledge, ability and confidence necessary to plan specific and individual training programmes to assist F&RS staff back to work – including designing rehabilitation programmes to help injured firefighters recuperate.

  • Provide feedback to help improve future qualifications and learning opportunities for F&RS employees.

  • Further evidence which can be used for continued professional development. 


Your FRA may need encouragement to express an interest in this. You may also have a number of members who would love the chance of gaining this qualification.  


There is no cost other than commitment.  


  • Students will need to commit to a minimum of a 15 month programme of study involving monthly attendance at classroom based session, gym and practical based assessments, course work and tutorials. 

  • Fire & Rescue Services will be required to provide  training rooms, access to a gym, which meets the qualification criteria*, and support individuals in achieving the qualification . The course will be delivered in Fire and Rescue Services throughout England.  


The FBU will arrange for qualified tutors to support students throughout the programme of study, and work with individuals Fire & Rescue Services to accommodate for shift patterns and availability.   


This supportive, partnership approach will hopefully encourage all F&RS’s and F&RS employees to commit to learning and achieving in this topical subject for all F&RS’s.  


Please encourage everyone to look at LGA circulars, FBU circulars and visit our websites for more information.  


The closing date for expressions of interest is 26th February 2016 please act on this now 


Yours in Unity,







National Officer