***FBU Press Release***



FBU Strongly Condemn Attacks on Firefighters  


The Fire Brigades Union strongly condemn the attacks that took place on our members across Scotland on Bonfire night. 


Firefighters are there to protect and help the Scottish public and should not be subjected to attacks whilst carrying out their duties. 


The leader of the FBU in Scotland Chris McGlone said ” These appalling attacks must stop and we fully support the police’s efforts to find those responsible and to ensure these criminal acts are punished. 


Firefighters do not deserve to be treated in this manner and we believe that it is only a matter of time before a firefighter is very seriously injured at one of these incidents. 


In the coming few days the FBU will be raising our concerns at the highest levels and we stand ready to work with both government and other agencies in the hope we can either reduce or eliminate these kind of mindless attacks on our hard working, professional firefighters.”



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