Joint Statement from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Fire Brigades Union on Uniformed Terms and Conditions Negotiations 

This communication is to update colleagues on the progress of negotiations regarding the standardisation of Uniformed terms and conditions of employment (Ts&CS) throughout the SFRS.

The objective of these negotiations is to develop and introduce Ts&Cs which enable the SFRS to meet both the current and future demands and that are fair, equal and consistently applied across the SFRS.

The SFRS and the FBU have met regularly since the Autumn of 2015, and have jointly explored a range of options and approaches towards standardising terms and conditions. These negotiations have been constructive, with both parties recognising the benefits of standardised Ts&Cs. The negotiations have however been complicated by the significant variations in legacy arrangements that were created through local collectively bargained agreements in the former eight Fire and Rescue Services. A full analysis of the legacy terms has however now been developed and constructive negotiations are continuing.

The SFRS has also expressed a strong commitment to completing the alignment of its role structure as expressed within a Joint Statement in 2014, the last phase of which is addressing the variation in the grading of Watch Managers. The SFRS recognises the commitment of Watch Managers in both A and B graded roles, and is seeking to streamline these at the Watch Manager B level. Consultation with the FBU on this matter is now concluded; it is planned that the effective implementation date will be 1 June 2016.

Additionally, in support of the alignment of the role structure, the SFRS has declared its strong commitment to a planned Wholetime recruitment programme in 2016.

Both the SFRS and the FBU acknowledge the significant challenges that exist in achieving the outcomes identified above. We reiterate our commitment to Working Together, and to continue negotiations in a constructive and positive manner with the aim of reaching a mutually acceptable outcome.

Further communications will be shared with you as negotiations progress.

Chris McGlone (FBU) Executive Council  Member

Diane Vincent (SFRS)  Director of People and Organisational Develop




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