November 30th - For Immediate Release


Last night our Emergency Fire Control received multiple calls last night to a helicopter which had crashed in the City of Glasgow.

Firefighters have worked tirelessly alongside other emergency services overnight. The thoughts of all firefighters are with the friends and families of those injured or killed and with our colleagues tackling this difficult operation.

Matt Wrack General Secretary said; “This helicopter crash demonstrates the wide range of incidents tackled by our firefighters and follows a helicopter crash in central London in January of this year. Firefighters plan and train for a range of emergency incidents far wider than fires. This incident is drawing on a range of skills and specialist teams that have been developed in recent years and the response includes specialist teams from across Scotland.  120 firefighters have been working overnight, demonstrating the need to be able to rapidly deploy large numbers of firefighters to such a challenging operation. We shall carefully monitor the situation and asses what lessons might need to be learned.”

During the night our Emergency Fire Control and Fire crews dealt with a number of other serious incidents including multiple rescues. The Incident occurred around 10:20 (29th Nov) last night. A huge volume of calls were received by Services Emergency Fire Control in Johnstone. 

Roddy Robertson, FBU Executive Council member for Scotland said : “It was an extremely busy night for Scottish firefighters from the Glasgow area and beyond, in addition to the Clutha Bar rescue incident firefighters dealt with a level 2 incident in Pitt Street and multiple rescues at a fire in Broad Street in the city. An incident room was opened and we had off duty staff in various roles offering their services. The thoughts of all our members are with the families of those injured or bereaved. The commitment of our firefighters overnight shows they do a job like no other”