Further clarification on the development of structures. Some initial work has been done and has lead to a high level discussion document that outlines some options. This was not and was never intended to be a proposed structure. The FBU has deliberately not circulated this as;
1 - it was likely to be misleading - effectively this would be like saying "here is a document that is not a draft structure that will not be the final structure."

2 - ongoing work has rapidly superceded this document.

FBU senior officals are actively engaged in the ongoing work with regards officer structures. We are due to meet again next week to take this work forward but until this work has progressed it is impossible to come to a conclusion on the number and location of officers. Work is also under way to consider an officer rota.

The principles of how the structure will be developed have been agreed and confirm that current officers will be employed in that new structure and will not be required to relocate. In developing the ICS element the work is considering, incident history, risk profile, poplulation, travel distance, whether nearest officer mobilising will be used and many other factors.

As this work develops further information will be distributed.