Please see the link below to the Balmoral Bar Lessons Identified Report, which was published today (10th March 2016) 



Fire Brigades Union Foreword


Ewan Williamson’s death in the line of duty, at a fire in the Balmoral Bar in Edinburgh was tragic, avoidable and unacceptable.

The investigation and subsequent court proceedings delayed the embedding of any significant changes throughout Scotland in response to the events surrounding Ewan’s death. However, we are pleased that the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has identified the significant challenges that this incident highlighted.

We welcome the lessons and recommendations in this report and the Fire Brigades Union is committed to working with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to ensure the report is implemented in full. Together with continual review of training and procedures, this will enable us to deliver lasting improvements to firefighter safety.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has introduced a safer firefighter project and the Chief Officer has committed to embed this within the structures of the Service. We are confident that when implemented and properly supported, this project will promote lasting improvements. In order to ensure its success, it is imperative that the implementation of improvements in training and procedures, along with changes to the culture of the Fire and Rescue Service are managed correctly.

From the outset, the Fire Brigades Union investigation was focussed on achieving lasting improvements to firefighter safety. We believe that this report can be the start of that journey."


Chris McGlone, Fire Brigades Union, Executive Council Member, Scotland (Region 1)