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The FBU have been made aware that the SFRS have issued an awareness briefing on Temporary Crewing Levels for Wholetime Appliances which states that, 

Wholetime appliances may reduce crewing levels of any pumping appliance to four personnel at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances, pending the arrival of a Firefighter on detached duties or overtime, for a period of up to 3 hours. 

This decision has been made out with any agreement from the FBU. 

The FBU believe this decision conflicts with previous agreements reached between the FBU and SFRS in 2014 that stated “all dedicated first appliances will run with a minimum crew of 5” 

The FBU believe a safe crewing model of 5 for first appliances, which is the current Resource Based Crewing standard, is the minimum level of crewing required and acceptable model at all times. 

The FBU fully support the Critical Attendance Standard (CAST) and intervention window methodologies as recommended in the FBU National IRMP document. 

To be clear the FBU are strongly opposed to this decision that has been made by SFRS and we will continue to challenge any crewing arrangement we believe to be unacceptable and does not conform to the agreed safe crewing model in Scotland. 

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