25 July 2017 


TO:  All Members


Dear Brother/Sister 


Pay and conditions – proposals inadequate 


The Executive Council met yesterday (24 July) following consultation with members on the employers proposals on pay and conditions.


As a result of this consultation with members I can confirm that the FBU finds the employer proposals on pay inadequate in their current form. The Executive Council was clear that, in line with the policy of our conference, we remain committed to continuing discussions on the broadened and broadening role of the FRS, including making the case to government/s for sustainable funding. The FBU remains committed to lobbying around this issue and doing so jointly with employers where appropriate. 


The Executive Council has continued to receive reports in relation to the NJC trials on EMR. There remain numerous reports of local trials where employers have failed to address the operational, safety and welfare issues set out very clearly by us at NJC meetings and elsewhere this year. This is in clear breach of the requirements the FBU set out to the employers at a national level. The employers have also failed to adequately address the concerns of the union on pay and conditions. Therefore the Executive Council concluded that there can be no agreement to further extend the NJC trials. We have informed the employers therefore that the trials will cease on 24 August. Further advice on this will follow. 


The union is clear that there will be no local agreements on the issue of EMR and that attempts to bypass this by local employers will only exacerbate an already difficult position. We have therefore advised local officials to alert us to any such attempts through the Executive Council member. 


We have informed the employers of our position and will await their response. 


Best wishes. 


Yours fraternally



Matt Wrack


General Secretary






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