To:      All Members 


Date:   16 February 2017 


Dear Brother/Sister 




The Employment Tribunal’s decision in the age discrimination claims we have been fighting has just been published. I’m sorry to say that we lost. 


Our legal team has analysed the reasoning, and their preliminary view is that this judgment is not at all convincing. We will have to consider all of the issues carefully with them, with a view to deciding whether we will appeal. 


As reported previously, a parallel Employment Tribunal decision concerning the Judicial Pension Scheme was published in the middle of January, where the claimants won. Our legal advisors comment that it is extremely difficult to see how the two decisions can be reconciled.  


We always recognised that this was going to be a long battle. This is clearly an extremely disappointing outcome. However, I would remind members that we have been in similar legal positions before. We initially lost our case in relation to our claims over Part Time Workers. We were ultimately successful in that case. 


We will consult urgently with our legal advisors and I will let you know when a decision has been made regarding an appeal. 


Best wishes. 


Yours fraternally 


Matt Wrack

General Secretary






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