To:      All Members 

Date:   3 June 2016  

Dear Brother/Sister    

National Joint Council meeting 2 June 2016  

The National Joint Council met in Manchester on 2 June. The following circulars were agreed and can be found attached, circulars numbered NJC/2/16, NJC/3/16 and NJC/4/16. 


Pay and conditions discussions 


Circular NJC/3/16 includes the employers’ offer of a pay rise for NJC pay rates of 1%. The Executive Council meets next week to consider this matter which will include our views on the issue and the arrangements for consulting members.   

You will also be aware that the union has raised the issue of pay over the longer term in relation to the various areas of wider work already undertaken by our members or work which might be undertaken in the future. This is subject to the report in Circular NJC/2/16. Again, the Executive Council will be discussing these developments next week and further updates will follow.  

Best wishes.  

Yours fraternally  

Matt Wrack 

General Secretary






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